CEP 810: Cooking with TPACK

This week in CEP 810 we were asked to have another person select a plate, bowl and a utensil without giving them directions about the size or type of utensil.  My husband chose a regular sized dinner plate, salad bowl, and a large slotted spoon.  Next, we were asked to have our volunteer select a number that had a cooking task assigned to it. My task was to slice cheese for a cheese platter.

Here is the video of me completing the task.

In order to cut the cheese, I had to use both ends of the slotted spoon. I used the spoon to make the first cuts and the end of the handle to finish the cut all the way through. The curve of the spoon would not allow me to slice all the way through. I used the plate as my cutting board, and found that the bowl was of no use for the entire activity. According to Dr. Mirsha’s lecture, we must repurpose technology for our needs (Mishra, 2012).  Given that a slotted spoon is typically used to strain the liquid out when cooking or serving, I had to change its purpose in order to fit my needs.  

The idea of repurposing the spoon helps me better understand the TPACK framework (technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge), in order to encourage exploration, creativity, and sharing my findings.  I was required to explore my options with the slotted spoon, become creative in order to repurpose the spoon, and share my thought process to show what I have learned.  

The three ideas to help support TPACK have also been the setup of our weekly tasks in CEP 810: explore, create, and share.  Throughout this course we have been encouraged to explore new technologies, become creative using that technology, then share our findings about the new technology and how we could potentially use the technology in our daily life or classrooms.  The same idea was again brought to life with this week’s assignment. The goal is to encourage our students (pedagogy) to use technology or the tool given to them to help them explore the content and create a better understanding of the material, instead of handing them technology that hands them the answers.  

Mishra, P. (2012). Punya Mishra – Keynote Speaker @ 21st Century Learning Conference – Hong Kong 2012. Retrieved February 19, 2017, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bwXYa91fvQ


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