GTD Thoughts

This week in CEP 810 we were asked to try new tools to increase productivity.  I have always been a list maker so I was excited to try Wunderlist, which is an online list making site that you are able to share with other people and with multiple devices.  The downfall of creating the paper list is everything I think of all appears on the same piece of paper, with Wunderlist you are able to create different categories to help sort your lists.

I was able to use the preset categories of groceries, work, and family to begin exploring what I make my typical lists for.  With Wunderlist you can also share specific categories with other people by inviting them through email and if they also have an account you can both mark off tasks. I also like that when adding a date to the item on the list, Wunderlist will create a “weekly calendar” about what you need to complete during the week.  

Wunderlist definitely will replace my written list as it helps me organize between my personal and work life, and include people that can help me complete the tasks on my lists.  I still have more exploring to take place with Wunderlist, but if you have any tips for Wunderlist please share!




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