CEP 810-Professional Learning Network

This week we we asked to create a popplet, which helps you create mapping diagrams.  Our focus of the map was to show where and who we go to in our professional environment to obtain information.

eckerle-s-pln My main resources that I included in the network were colleagues, social media, standards, and conferences.  I believe these are the main resources that help me develop as a teacher and continue my education that benefits my students.

Colleagues offer the immediate support and the one-on-one atmosphere for your personal needs and also can give you a new perspective.  Every teacher has a set of standards that they must reference in their classroom, but I felt that NCTM was a great resource to help make these standards come to life in my classroom.  Conferences are great resources for teachers to hear and see what others are trying in their classrooms, and often can bring you into contact with more colleagues to provide more support.  Lastly, social media  is a huge part of my network.  I am able to find ideas on Pinterest when I need a good hands on lesson for my students, find blogs, or even as simply as using Facebook for classroom supplies.  This is just the start to my Professional Learning Network, I am excited to add more and see how this map will continue to expand.


Popplet for School. (n.d.). Retrieved January 29, 2017, from http://popplet.com/


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