CEP 810: Networked Learning Project

For my Networked Learning Project I have decided to learn how to use my Canon EOS Rebel T3.  I received the camera as a gift and have only been able to use the auto features, but would like to begin using the camera manually to take even better photographs.  I feel like in order to accomplish this goal I will need as much help as I can get!  So far I have enjoyed watching tutorials from TopTierPhoto that explains what each setting means within the camera.  I knew there were a lot of buttons, but Kyle even went in depth to explain menu features that can help with your SD card space and how that can help your pictures.  Another youtube tutorial from Crit, went deeper into ISO, aperture and shutter speed.  Although the camera presented was a Nikon, I was able to learn through the different photos taken how different settings being higher or lower changes the photos in darker lighting.  screenshot-2017-01-22-17-45-41I found a nice diagram that was explained in Jade & Oak’s blog about how the three settings worked together in the exposure triangle.  Which after finding these three resources I still was a little confused when and where I should create certain combinations of settings when shooting in the manual setting.

This lead me to finding a manual cheat sheet from Photography Element, which hopefully will help me attempt the settings on my own as I continue to play and see how pictures turn out.  


After all of the research I finally decided to take the plunge and turn the dial past the auto settings and into the manual.  My first attempts were not pretty, but I finally was able to img_5365get the focus from my model and camera that I was hoping for. Although, I was still on autofocus for my lens I was happy with my first attempt.

Hopefully by the end of this project I can be on every manual setting and be able to create some wonderful memories to last!  I can’t wait to continue exploring, and if you have any tips or further resources please share so I can continue my learning with my Canon EOS Rebel T3!



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  1. Doug says:

    Angela- thank you for providing the learning, resources, and product of your initial exploration. From my untrained eye, the picture looks great. I’m looking to see what else you discover along the journey. Good luck!


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