This week in CEP 811 we were asked to create an infographic that defined Maker Education.  I decided to highlight four of the eight mathematical practices from Common Core, that I believed to align with Maker education.  Throughout this course I have learned to explore new topics each week and share out what I have learned, this is exactly how a math classroom should work as well according to Common Core.  Students should explore and be ready to fail, but to persevere through the problem in order to gain understanding.  This is the idea that drove my infographic, because I thought the beginning of the course how I learned to overcome my failure and move forward with making.

Maker Education wants students to have a hands on experience and explore in order to create something of their own.  Students also need time in order to develop their ideas, and resources in order for implementation of their design.  Again, this connects to math because each student learns at their own pace and in different ways, so we as teachers need to provide the tools necessary for their understanding.

I enjoyed making this infographic and showing how four mathematical practices can be used in Maker Education.  Although, I did struggle with the template chosen but I believe it is because I was using the free version of picktochart and would need to upgrade.


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Standards for Mathematical Practice. (n.d.). Retrieved June 26, 2016, from

Infographic Link





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