Experience Design

Current Learning Space:


When I first moved to the new school I was given a Smart TV mounted in the middle of my main whiteboard, a chalkboard that is blocked by a pillar that holds piping, two desks that were put together to make an L, two additional tables that are hold past assignments and calculators, and two large doored cabinets.  My classroom is long and narrow, which makes creating an evenly spaced seating arrangement very difficult.  Most days I have four rows of seven desks and one row of six, from rows my students can get into partners or groups. We cannot keep the desks in these other arrangements because it does not allow enough walking space.  All of my desks have the chair attached with some having a book holder underneath, which are breaking due to student misuse.

Learning Space Restructured:

I would like to take out the large cabinets, two tables, and the wall for piping; allowing more space that will not restrict moving desks when needed.  Although the two cabinets are built in and the pipes must stay, these are things I can only dream about.

I am adding three shoe organizers to the wall to move my calculators off the tables I’m removing, and the extra slots will be used for cell phone “parking” for the new school policy. This will help me as a teacher keep in check the new policy while also making sure the calculators are returned.

The technology station will have my desktop and doc cam so that I can easily transition from my smart board to other technologies.  According to The Third Teacher, we need to remove the teacher desk from the front of the room and have new settings for teachers and students. (The Third Teacher, 2010).  I moved my desk to the back of the room, and have the station in the front with the flexibility of moving it throughout the classroom.  I also want students to become the teacher, meaning the station isn’t only for the teacher, but for the student to utilize the new technologies in the classroom.

After going through The Third Teacher flashcards the one that resonates with me is “Decide on Dynamic,” (The Third Teacher, 2010) because of my failing furniture and growing high school students I want to have separated desks and chairs, because some of my students have a hard time fitting into the desks now. I would like to add Bouncy Bands to all desks for time fidgeting, The Third Teacher explains to make peace with fidgeting in order to encourage brain development (The Third Teacher, 2010).  High school students only have passing periods, gym (if scheduled), and lunch to move around, making a long day of sitting.  The Bouncy Bands attach the the desk’s front two legs so the students can use it for bouncing or a leg rest.  I think the students would enjoy the change because they are breaking desks, due to using the book storage as a leg rests.

Lastly, I would add a  TV, table, and an Apple TV. Using a drop leaf table with stools would allow two to four students to work, and when not in use we could make it more compact to save space.  In week three we spoke of individualized learning, which I believe this station will be a successful implementation for the students.  The Apple TV will help students choose if they would rather do a video lecture, nearpod assignment, or share what they are completing on their device.  This will help promote the multiple intelligences environment that The Third Teacher explains will help students choose what they want to do in the time and space provided (The Third Teacher, 2010).  I hope this will allow me to, “Look at your learning space with the 21st-century eyes,” (The Third Teacher, 2010) and start developing an atmosphere for a student-centered environment.


This Implementation will hopefully happen in two stages due to cost, we are able to earn money towards our classroom which is a total of $500 per year.  I will not be adding the new desks and chairs into my budget due to needing a district bond to pass.

35 Buddy Bands: $14.95 each

3 Shoe Organizers: $10.17 each

4 Stools: $4.99

Apple TV (3rd Gen): $69.00

TV (32”): $129.99

Drop Leaf Table: $199.00


Year One: $523.31

Includes 5 Buddy Bands and the rest of the supplies listed.

Year Two: $448.50

30 Buddy Bands, if I find they are helpful.

Pre-Tax Total:  $971.81


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